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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quilting in Dubai

Tuesday will be our four week anniversary as residents of Dubai. It has been very fun to carefully get to know this crazy city. We are getting slightly settled, sort of. I made a step toward getting back to 'normal' today, what ever that is of course.

I attended my first Dubai Quilt Guild meetings this morning. They are held at the Arabian Ranches golf course, very nice. It was a great opportunity to meet some fellow quilters and enjoy a good dose of quilting. The quilting styles and projects displayed or discussed were as varied as those attending, which was rather interesting. It has been over four years since I was last a member of a quilt guild and I had forgot about some really great perks. I checked out a great block and pattern book/magazine. I am excited as it saves me from trying to order one online. I couldn't find the magazine from this spring/summer I was looking for but I had fun looking. I did a little more looking at some fabric from the local quilt stores, went through four mini seminars for Christmas decoration ideas and enjoyed wonderful refeshments. It was very lovely . I should have worked on my English and Australian accent before coming though, I can't understand a thing when they get talking fast.

The morning went by quickly and soon it was time to go but I managed a few, quick pictures of those at my table and the guild president conducting the meeting. I am quite excited to contribute and bring my quilts for 'show and tell'. I also can't wait for a new machine and a house, excuse me, villa to house my studio. All things required to really take part.

I am also itching to get back designing. There are so many patterns running through my head it is a challenge to fall sleep some nights. That could also be from the rattling fan in our bedroom but turning off the air conditioning isn't an option, we tried that.

Off to sleep, another busy day planned for tomorrow. We are hopeful for an agreement for a villa we have been searching for and finally found tonight. We know as we seek the Lord's council He will guide and direct us, night all and Happy Quilting

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quilting on Hold

Wow things have been busy, not normal busy but busy none the less. With a husband in oil and gas anything is possible. So off we go, we have had some notice but in the end it was not much more than a week from simple home life to everything sorted, packed, shipped or stored. Sign up in front of the house and yep we've moved, crazy. What's more crazy, our destination - Dubai

Photo taken on our pre-assignment visit in April/May 2010 in Dubai

We are excited and a little bit aprehensive as we begin this journey. Life is great, we feel regret for leaving our friends and family and yet feel so encouraged by shuch a rare opportunity. I will post pictures here of my quilting adventures from the Arabain Gulf but for now my quilting is on hold. I am sure after a little time my new surroundings will bring some new machine applique patterns. Due check back as I am getting a new sewing machine out of the deal ;)

Happy Quilting

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I finished a UFO!!

Some times it is just time to get to those unfinished objects!! This week has been that time for me, the quilt pattern was Sapphire Stars from EZ Quilting, I had purchased the easy eight acrylic ruler and wanted a project to try it out. Well I got right into it, bought some fabric and sat down to make a star quilt and wham the project got the better of me and into the projects to be finished later pile it went. I was a new quilter and never a sewer before that so I think I lacked the sewing skills to set the corners successfully and I set out to make a bed sized quilt - ROOKIE. Well I was going through that 'to be finished later' pile, now housed in a bin in the closet and there it was. I do believe I started the quilt 8 years ago, or more, so now with a little time sat at my machine I was determined to finish it. No problem. First thing, scale back the project. My bed size has turned it self into lap size and should be a special friend to either my two or almost four year old, or both. They love the bright colors and I love that it is finished!! Out of a bin and into the washer last night and ready to be loved this morning, Happy Quilting

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free Applique Quilt Patterns on the Move

A short message to let everyone know that the previously download free patterns from The Pattern Place website are now just a click away in the free patterns section of our blog. We are very excited for some pretty big changes here at The Pattern Place. I am going to stream line our online shopping and offer only our best and complete machine applique quilting patterns. The size of quilts will vary from small wall quilts to some major applique bed quilt projects. So excited, so much time required to finish all my plans. This full time quilter, website designer and oh ya mom and wife thing keeps me busy, but I love it and would not change it for the world. The never ending promise of Princess Patricia's pattern being available soon... took a step closer and here's the proof.

I took a few pictures of it bound, still needs embroidery and the pattern writing to finish itself :) Don't hold my breath.
Happy Quilting

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little piecing for practice

It's been a while since I followed a pattern and made a pieced top so I thought I would give it a try, just to see if I remember how to do it. It's turned out pretty good, had to change the block layout but that's how it goes. I am liking the disappearing nine block and how fast and easy it was

to get a scrappy 30" x 40" pieced top together. The fabrics are a layer cake with some extra squares from the border and binding fabrics that I had. I like the rich, bright color pallet. Now for some borders and you guessed it APPLIQUES!! I have a flower idea, with some small bias vines and a bee hive or bird feeder ideas - I feel a new pattern coming on :)

I had the chance to visit a friend yesterday and take a few pictures of her finished table runner. It is a Scrappy Irish Chain project, adapted with applique. It is a beautiful pattern and is so much easier that a completely pieced, more traditional block. We started it a a while back now but it is done, a first quilting project. I think it looks lovely and suits her table very well. Such great color choices as well. She even enjoyed the hand stitching to secure the binding. Overall a quilting success, congratulations!

My girls and I had some fun in the front yard yesterday, the lighting was magical and the girls are cute even in the dark, no bias I am just their mom.

Happy Quilting.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home is... applique wall hanging

It took most of the day and a few cartoons for the kiddies but I managed to get a new pattern on The Pattern Place web site today. Home is... happiness and harmony is ready for download along with the first of many mini quilts, Happy Birthday. I am excited to see this idea now in real life, touchable and hanging in the living room of our home. Check out our Facebook page for a photo of the next mini, Gulf Beach. Here is a photo from our trip with which the pattern is based, so pretty.

I was soo tempted to add the palms trees, I just kept thinking "less is more, less is more" anyways. It is next on deck, just need to finish the pattern. I have had quilter's block and I am spending more time at my computer than in front of the sewing machine, it's not that bad I guess. I will try to get it up in the next few days, or nights ;)

So in the never ending Princess Patricia, the binding is on and just needs a few more hours of hand stitching, and on and on.

Opened a great package from my new favorite applique pattern designer, eat cake graphics. Love them so much I ordered two. They are brilliant. More about that later. Bed time, Happy Quilting.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Applique Quilting with out any Fabric

There are some really cool things out there in the world wide web and I have had some fun applique quilting with out any fabric tonight.
I have mentioned a few times my love for all things applique, so I will attempt to control my enthusiasm. I really like applique quilting. I could look at pictures of quilts for hours, search for new patterns for days and hide myself away in my studio for weeks or months. So tonight I had a bunch of fun adding me to the Connecting Threads on-line community.

Its fun idea and I am so excited to find an applique techniques group. I am a girl who likes to know what she is doing, so an applique tutorial sounds good to me. Plus you never know what you might learn. ~I have thought of writing about all the mistakes I have made, complete confessions of rookie quilter and not so rookie, unfortunately. I have included a few here in the Quilting Steps section of our website, The Pattern Place. Most just roll around in my head, bringing a smile to my face every time I remember them. ~ Then there are those that make my blood pressure rise or a few not so nice words ... lets just say I am not always smiling. Either way it is a learning experience and I love to learn and quilt! And sleep.
So yes its late, or early if you were up talking to your hubby whilst (He picks up accents so easy.) in jolly old England - dang business trips. Anyways, it's late and I am finally sleepy. Happy Quilting

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Late Night Applique Quilting

Well I made the attempt not to write here after midnight for everyone's sake, but apparently I can't make the time to sit down at my computer much before then so sorry all,
wish me luck ;)

Things are busy as normal around here but progress is made in small steps. I am running solo right now and wish single parenthood on no one, its tough. I am getting some quilting house keeping done, that's quilting house keeping, don't worry no real house keeping yet this week. The flash slide show for The Pattern Place website project is now complete, yikes that took a while. The photos need a little tweak and maybe an update or two but for now I am enjoying their beauty. They evenly and continuously run one into another and I didn't shell out a dime for the software, love it. Check out the last photo for a link or here for the free download. It is a great program and worked quite well, tons of layouts to choose from.

I spent some time today on a WIP, its actually from my mom but I told her I would bind it. It is a cute lamb and rabbit, each in their own wall hanging. So Springy, I can't wait to hang them up next year. I must get the princess trimmed and bound, avoiding such a big job is not a good idea. My excuse, it's hot and I only cut such big quilts on my tiled kitchen floor after giving my carpet a haircut last time. Too hot to take a big quilt upstairs and literally sweat over it, is that the sound of a violin? Right so tomorrow morning, before it gets too hot ... while the girls are eating breakfast, liking that idea. Off to bed or maybe a little tv and a more binding, night.

Your thoughts, questions or suggestions.
I love to hear from you.
Happy Quilting

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Applique Quilting Shopping

So I love applique, it is really a sickness. Love it. I think about patterns and projects day and night. So today was, lets say, a prep day - ya that's right, a prep day. Shopping is honestly one of my children favorite things to do, within reason, of course. Apparently we may have pushed the limits today but boy we had fun. I found a quilting magazine, McCall's How to Quilt it!, from the year I was born, it is in great shape for its 32 years of existence. The coolest thing, not a single ad. Just page after page of the greatest quilting 1978 had to offer. Sew fun, pun intended.
Bought some fabric for blankets for my girls today, just regular flannel and some great textured fleece stuff, all I know is it isn't cotton :) I am very excited to get it sewn together, gotta love the quick projects. I must get Princess Patricia bound tomorrow, or Thursday most likely. Busy times around our house. We are scheduling into July, even August for some things. Must get a ballet recital and a 2nd birthday in there too, oh and ya dad is on a business trip. Maybe while he is gone I can get some sewing done? Who knows, must sleep... Happy Quilting.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Princess Patricia gets her Quilting.

The quilt frame is set to queen size, her highness is loaded, I even have five bobbins full of thread so I can easily swap out the empties. Deep breath, shoulders down - here we go....

Forgive me a little rant :)
I love machine quilting, it is an art with a little science. I find the right technique is a groove for which it takes a few minutes to find and stay in but once that happens, all is good. My machine quilting skills are perishable, I loose more than I like in between quilts. Now, if you think the way I do, then all I need to do is quilt more quilts!Then I wish I could step away from the frame once it is ready to go and, you know, sleep. Its a personality flaw I suppose, but all I want to do is the thing I am ready to do. Oh life is rough - I love quilting! Whew got that out of my system.

So the quilting is going well, I am quite proud of myself that I remembered to take a few pictures, enjoy.
Princess Patricia is a machine applique original design from The Pattern Place. The pattern will be available for purchase and download from our on-line store once I have the example quilt finished and photographed. There are just a few more details to finish up; trim the batting and backing, bind and add the label. The whole quilt should be finished in about a week. I look forward to posting pictures and adding the pattern to the website.

I love your comments and thoughts. It makes my day to see someone has commented on my blog so don't be shy, say Hi! Happy Quilting

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Late Night Quilting

It's late, I am tired. I should go to bed but I have a quilt almost loaded. Extending my Grace frame to queen size today wasn't that bad, with my Mom's help :) I am so excited to have our 'princess' quilt nearly finished that I must get it on the frame and ready to quilt tomorrow, or today, depending on how you look at it. I promise to take pictures and post a real post, not like these midnight rambles.
Happy sleeping or quilting, you choose ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jet Lag and Applique Quilts

As a newbie to trans Atlantic trips that jet lag thing hit me like a ton of bricks. Whew, glad that's over. My girls and I are getting our grove back and things are looking like the beginning of summer in our corner of the planet. We are looking forward to a good and safe long weekend at home with a to-do list as long as your arm.
So my machine was so over due for a service it was sad really, so she is off for a spa day and should be back soon, good as new. For now I am toying with a Dresden plate, English paper pieced and I found some mylar templates that worked quite nice for my first attempt. I love the hand sewn projects but time, boy they take time.

I found a wonderful charity quilt pattern that I simply must try it looks so good. Then I did a little digging and it is a disappearing nine patch block pattern. Then I went looking for layout ideas, the sky is the limit but that was a favorite. So I am off to bed with dreams of tomorrow and a great day with my ladies in the studio and a disappearing nine block top to show for it.
Happy Quilting

Monday, May 3, 2010

Applique Quilting in Dubai

Life has a way of bringing you to places you don't know you need.

Today was a good day, we have been in a beautiful and foreign city for over a week now, so many of the last days have been good, but today was particularly good.
What on earth am I doing in Dubai? You are not the first to ask and I have asked myself that question so many times I have lost tract. Well a husband in Oil and Gas and an opportunity we had to fully investigate equals two weeks in the United Arab Emirates. We will see what the future holds for us but for now here we are, the best news - quilting is here too.
I had the absolute pleasure to meet and talk quilts with my new friend, Mala Ramakrishnan today. She, her husband and a growing group of support personnel work to promote and develop a lively quilting community within the Middle East. Classic Quilts & Quilting now has two locations in Dubai, as I learned today.
I was nearly panting I was so hot as I entered Mala's store, this heat has me worried for the summer weather yet to come. She was so accommodating and offered me a chair and a glass of water, its seriously that hot - only 35° I guess today but 41° yesterday. We talked machine applique quilts an quilting and I loved every minute. I drooled over the long arm loaded with a customer's quilt and got even more excited to learn of two guilds in the region, one here in Dubai and another in Abu Dhabi (about an hour away) The bank road store is primarily dedicated to the quilting side of their business and I look forward to visiting the beach road location with excitement second only to seeing my beautiful children in a few days. As the Bernina retailer for the region, I am also looking forward to a new sewing machine when that time comes. I was so excited to touch the fabric and enjoyed a wonderful few minutes of comfort in a wonderfully strange place. I left with a few new fat quarters and all the basics for a small project for my last couple of days by the pool. I am so thankful for a hobby that brings real people from real corners of the world together, it was truly a good day. I think I will make it two in a row and navigate myself to Jumeria and see what the other store has to offer. I will take some pictures and let you know the results. Miss you girls, Happy Quilting

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Princess Appliques

Well we are in full princess mode and loving it. Her highness, our three year old regularly consults and is approving. We have the main top machine stitched and assembled, inner borders are on and outer borders are cut. The biased cut vine is pinned in place and today has been flower central. We chose an 'old friend' and added a new twist for the flowers. The Lazy Daisy applique pattern makes it's return and now has a really great flower bud applique to go with it. Can't wait to show pictures of the finished machine appliqued quilt top. For now take a peak at The Pattern Place facebook page for more photos. SO much fun, hubby is home with dinner, got to go :) Happy Quilting

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here comes Spring

Well the weather is definitely changing, soon green grass and trips to the lake. We have weathered this winter quite well, my girls love to play in our play room and I love to watch them from my sewing room. All we need to do now is add french doors to the rough opening, right hunny? Not sure he reads this but it's worth a try, right?

It has been a productive last few months for us here at The Pattern Place. My first magazine publication, Take Good Care was published in the Spring issue of Quilter's Connection Magazine.

The theme of the magazine was, green. I wrestled with so many ideas and finally this applique pictorial came through. I am quite proud if the detail and symbolism. The hardest part was scaling my design back to fit inside the magazine. I hope readers enjoy and that someone is inspired to create this entire project or add some parts to their own project design. I am looking forward to future publication projects, it is so fun to see your name in print. :)

Farmyard Friends machine applique pattern is now finished and available for download from The Pattern Place Online Store. Here is the completed 45" x 45" quilt.

In a few weeks our Princess Patricia machine applique quilt pattern will be ready. My 3 year old is especially excited about this new pattern. She comes into the sewing room and asks "how is my princess coming" Just fine is my answer, so cute. I am fighting the urge to go princess crazy and develop more and more projects. I might have to earnestly think about that one, appliqued pillow sham or covers, a couple of different princess quilts and of course a princess doll! The sky is the limit. I am told several times a day that I "forgot the dragon on this one MOM" so sassy but maybe so right? Who knows, if only there were 36 hours in each day?

We are truly blessed and look forward to the next few months, who knows what will come through my sewing machine. Happy Quilting

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Pattern Place has a new look

Well, with some toil and a little struggle the renovations to
The Pattern Place web presence are complete, mostly. We are still working a few little bugs out - so if you see any please let me know :) I am now re-focused and excited about new patterns and maybe some new pattern example projects, we will have to see.
I have been invited to join a wonderful quilting group and I am absolutely loving it. It is a real joy to be with other quilters and breathe in their energy and creativity. Thank you ladies, I look forward to the next few months and some great afternoons.
My three year old and I decided that we need a St. Patrick's Day decoration for our house. Love that. So, if the day goes as planned she and I will have a shamrock banner to show for our efforts. So fun. No pictures yet but maybe tomorrow?
Happy Quilting

We had such a great day making our shamrock banner, follow the link to see a picture of it nearly finished. We added and green 3" border and tried a new to me binding/backing technique. It all worked out quite well. Love you big girl.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thread Storage for Applique Quilting

Ahh I love good gadgets, ones that keep me slightly organized are especially good. So my latest treasures are the Bobbin Mates from EZ quilting. Love them. I like to keep the bobbin and thread close together, just in case I need to know where they both are :) Some projects just have to have the same color in both the top and the bottom and so with these nifty little things I can still store my thread and keep their 'mate' at hand. I am patiently researching the perfect thread holder still but soon my collection will require its own storage solution. So much fun.

The sewing room received a good clean and sort, even purged a few things! So I had to take a picture -it won't look this way for long. New patterns are on their way from The Pattern Place and I am in the mood for a quilt just for me, crazy I know. We hope that Spring is in the air at your house like it is at ours, Happy Quilting.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Looking forward to March

My how time flies, I can't believe it's almost March. I have been busy at the machine, the quilting frame and my computer - who needs to sleep ;) We at The Pattern Place are looking forward to our copy of the next issue of Quilter's Connection Magazine, a wonderful Canadian publication. The magazine is beautiful and worth the little bit of looking to get your copy.

Farmyard Friends is off the quilting frame and just needs binding and some final photos. We think it is our favorite so far but then we always think that about the newest pattern :) I was so thrilled and rewarded when my three year old saw the finished top for the first time. She ran over and said "Wow, it's beautiful." Strong words from the girliest girl I know. Then she started counting the animal appliques, too cool. I love making applique quilts and now with the influence of our children, our cousins and family friends - my designers brain won't turn off! Not the worst problem in the world just not the most sleep producing ;) Our princess design is complete and up on deck at the cutting table, then I have a great cat tale and butterfly applique project. It is the final touch to my sister's wedding quilt, I hope to have it done before their next anniversary. Their fourth anniversary but who's counting. Well time to get off the computer, get to that binding and settle in for some serious Olympic fun.
GO Canada GO

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Farmyard Fun

Well I just can't hold this one on anymore. It's not quite finished but almost. I am very pleased with how it is turning out. So here's a sneak peak at our newest pattern, Farmyard Friends. Six critters and all the things you need for a really great farm. Once our example project is completely finished look for the full project pattern on The Pattern Place website.

Things, like normal, are very busy around our house and life seems to be moving faster and faster. I am very thankful for my quilting outlet and the quiet pleasure it brings. I do wish there was 34 hours in a day and that my 1 yr old would have a long nap every afternoon though. I am very grateful for my children, they are wonderful and very patient with their mom.
My dreams are filled with my next project and Pattern Place design, so many ideas. I do have a three year old princess who needs and quilt, as I was informed just before Christmas. So I think I am headed into the land of fairytale castles, coaches and maybe a magic wand? Very fun indeed. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions for the 'must haves' of a princess quilt. Well someone has to make dinner around here, oh right that's my job!! Happy Quilting.