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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quilting on Hold

Wow things have been busy, not normal busy but busy none the less. With a husband in oil and gas anything is possible. So off we go, we have had some notice but in the end it was not much more than a week from simple home life to everything sorted, packed, shipped or stored. Sign up in front of the house and yep we've moved, crazy. What's more crazy, our destination - Dubai

Photo taken on our pre-assignment visit in April/May 2010 in Dubai

We are excited and a little bit aprehensive as we begin this journey. Life is great, we feel regret for leaving our friends and family and yet feel so encouraged by shuch a rare opportunity. I will post pictures here of my quilting adventures from the Arabain Gulf but for now my quilting is on hold. I am sure after a little time my new surroundings will bring some new machine applique patterns. Due check back as I am getting a new sewing machine out of the deal ;)

Happy Quilting