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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Archived Free Applique Quilt Patterns

Spring cleaning my website is so much fun. I am cleaning up to make room for some great new patterns. These previously offered for free download or purchased download patterns are now available here for free. We ask that you use these patterns for your own personal use and respect our copy right guidelines, now that that's out of the way, on to the good stuff.

First things, here is the Three Stars and Twinkle Applique Package. This pattern package was very successful as a free download. I would love your comments and feedback on the pattern. Oh and a pictures of your completed project would be wonderful. We will include it in our Design Gallery section of the website. The pattern has been condensed onto one page but I think the scale has been kept the same. If you were one of the many to download this pattern, let me know and I can tweak it again if need be. The instructions are general so if you have any questions or need help feel free to send me an email. This is truly a quick and easy gift or project for your new addition. Trust me I know, the example shown here was finished in the wee hours one night. It was a hot night and I was 32 weeks pregnant with our second daughter. It took about and hour to cut out the stars and stitch the words, not bad really. The frame is a less expensive version of all those possible, a.k.a it came from the dollar store ;) But put it all together and it is very good, so nice you can keep it or give it away.

Alright here is a great flower pattern, originally designed for paper applique on a scrapbook page or for handmade cards. I think it would be very cute in felt on a pillow in a girls room or blanket stitched with cotton in a wall hanging. The ski is the limit so be creative and remember send us a picture of your project so we can share your creativity and I will send you a coupon for your next pattern download. Love me ... Love me not... comes in a single page pattern. It is easy to print or save on your computer for the next time you need a really easy and very cute embellishment.

Well that feels good, these are some great patterns that I hope you will enjoy. Let me know if you are looking for something in particular, I love to make patterns and if you will do the sewing, we all win! I have a few in mind to add to here this summer so check back or stay tuned as it were. Good luck with your own Spring Cleaning, may be I can get some sleep before the girls are awake. Happy Quilting !!

Looking for more free patterns? Go to the top of the page and click the "free patterns" link to our free patterns page. Hope you enjoy. Send us an email with your photo and we will post it to The Pattern Place Gallery.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too many projects and not enough time.

Things at our house are busy as usual, we are enjoying every moment as they happen or trying to at least!

Our Easter was wonderful, we really enjoyed the long weekend with Dad. The bunny made an appearance or two and the girls loved finding eggs with cousin. We ate a wonderful meal and went to bed early, what more can you ask for really?

I have taken some pictures of my Be Attitudes applique blocks, they are so much fun. I have always loved to applique and Nancy Halverson's patterns are especially fun. So beautiful and direct, not complicated or fussy. I love how her patterns are presented, easy to follow and clear. They make me re-check my patterns and aspire to the same standard. I have learned a lot from teaching others the fusible web technique and with my personal practice of late I am feeling the needed improvement with this technique. My sewing machine and I are getting along nicely and I have some real time spent perfecting my applique stitch - love it. So now I just need to finish all the blocks and get it on my quilting frame and get some practice in that department as well, that's what I love about teaching, generally the teacher learns more than the student. Thank you to my quilting group, we might be small but we are learning and sewing. :)

My latest love, other than the Be Attitudes applique, is an English Paper Piecing project. I have a local quilt store that carries the pre-cut hexagons paper templates by Paper Pieces, on the web at They are sew much fun, pun intended. I have two sizes, the 1" and the 1 1/4", that measurement is of one side, not the diameter, keep that in mind when looking, that makes a big difference. Any who, I am slowly getting my color scheme put together and looking forward to hours spent in the car or something like that so I can make a dent. I would like the top to be at least twin so my fabric stash takes a hit and I only 'have' to buy some key fabrics. Ahh the rationalizing, at least my husband has a hobby he spends more money on. Here is a picture of the start, I will post more as things get further along.

I have some really exciting applique patterns in the works, think wild west and babies. There is also a penny rug expansion planned for The Pattern Place. Like I said at the beginning too many projects and not enough time, that and the baby is up from her nap, timing is everything :)
Happy Quilting and send me an email with your thoughts and or suggestions.