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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Patterns and Pretty Things

Well January is just about over, we have been very busy having a lot of fun. The people we meet and talk quilts with are I am sure some of the most interesting around. I receive so much joy from introducing quilting to those starting or wanting to start. I love sewing quilts and appliques, I think they are so beautiful. So I hope my enthusiasm rubs off just a little and doesn't rub anyone the wrong way. Thank you to those I have met or spoken to this month and keep those questions coming.

Pattern News: The newest free applique pattern is ready to download! Hearts with Love is available for download and can be found in the free pattern section of The Pattern Place website. We hope your Valentine wishes and projects come true and of course finished for Valentine's day. We are working on several large scale applique patterns, and some seasonal patterns for a quick and easy project. Let us know your thoughts and comments on the patterns we offer. Looking a particular applique pattern, send me an email. I can make custom applique patterns just for you or add them to my current patterns for everyone to enjoy.

I spend a lot of time online, mostly playing and seeking inspiration, instruction and insights. This leads me to a lot of great web sites, some I post links to from my web site (The Pattern Place) and some I just make a mental note of. Silly me, I should post them here, that way we all can see them and frankly I might be able to remember them all a little better. So with out further ado....
visit Quilt Qua, a wonderful quilting resource of all things quilt. From blogs to articles, tips to a photo gallery its a fun place to spend a minute or two.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let it Snow

Happy New Year!!
The holidays are great fun, we really enjoyed spending time with family and friends. We loved eating and staying up too late, watching movies and giving gifts. Sadly it is time to get back to a routine and some resemblance of bedtime, well that part I am looking forward to. So as promised last month here is 'Let it Snow' This is a wonderful and wonderfully easy applique banner made from cotton and wool felt appliques. Start with a solid fabric top, no piecing here, stitch your appliques in place, sandwich with batting and in our case the same fabric for backing. Then some quick machine quilting, I tried a new continuous line pattern, so much fun, some binding and your done. It was really fun to design and put together. We hope you enjoy and let us know if you have any questions and what you think. Happy Quilting, Darcy