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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Looking forward to March

My how time flies, I can't believe it's almost March. I have been busy at the machine, the quilting frame and my computer - who needs to sleep ;) We at The Pattern Place are looking forward to our copy of the next issue of Quilter's Connection Magazine, a wonderful Canadian publication. The magazine is beautiful and worth the little bit of looking to get your copy.

Farmyard Friends is off the quilting frame and just needs binding and some final photos. We think it is our favorite so far but then we always think that about the newest pattern :) I was so thrilled and rewarded when my three year old saw the finished top for the first time. She ran over and said "Wow, it's beautiful." Strong words from the girliest girl I know. Then she started counting the animal appliques, too cool. I love making applique quilts and now with the influence of our children, our cousins and family friends - my designers brain won't turn off! Not the worst problem in the world just not the most sleep producing ;) Our princess design is complete and up on deck at the cutting table, then I have a great cat tale and butterfly applique project. It is the final touch to my sister's wedding quilt, I hope to have it done before their next anniversary. Their fourth anniversary but who's counting. Well time to get off the computer, get to that binding and settle in for some serious Olympic fun.
GO Canada GO