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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Halloween Applique Banner

Well it has been a very long time, but here is a new pattern from The Pattern Place. We love Halloween and this project makes a great addition to our holiday decorations, we hope for yours as well. The example is shown using wool and wool felt. The banner measures 9.5" wide by 32" tall. Each box is approximately 5" square. The appliques are sewn by hand with embroidery floss.

We welcome your feedback and comments.

Must sleep... :) Happy Quilting

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Machine Quilting and Happy Birthday

Well tomorrow is a busy day in our house. Our oldest daughter turns a great big, huge, 3 years old. She is a ray of sunshine and a storm of emotions as all toddlers/preschoolers should be, I thankfully cherish the days when that doesn't happen all at one time ;) Big kisses little girl.

I have had some very productive hours at my machine and more recently with my quilting frame and now have some personal projects finished and quilted. I love to see the 'to be quilted' pile shrinking and the 'just needs binding' pile growing. I must remember to take some pictures during this process, usually it's the middle of the night and or I am just so excited to get something done I simply forget. I will of course post some pictures of the finished product here and when I get the patterns up on The Pattern Place website.

Well in endless pursuit of all things quilting within the vastness of the internet I have come across a wonderful new magazine and quilt designer. Quilter's Connection is a new quarterly Canadian Quilting Publication that looks GREAT. I am still trying to track down my copy of the first issue but the website is very nice and complete. I knew I was in love when I saw the applique project on the front cover. It is a wonderful and sophisticated example of modern applique quilting and so I went on a search for more details. The designer is a fellow Canadian and stay at home mom, Laurraine Yuyama of Patchwork Pottery. Her designs are beautiful and so delicious. I am so encouraged and inspired by the direction quilting is taking here at home.

Very exciting, congratulations to all. I am determined to get my copy this week. Thank goodness for the internet, I wouldn't have known what fun I was missing out on otherwise ;) Happy Quilting

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Storage and Organization for Embroidery Floss used to Applique.

Well I am up late tonight but I am almost finished a great new Applique Halloween Banner. I am stitching the wool appliques with coordinating embroidery floss, so I pulled out my hand dandy storage totes. I love these little guys, they are so cute and make me smile. It was very easy and inexpensive to put all this together. The plastic containers, floss cards and pink winder cost less then $20.00. I begin by writing the DMC number on the card and then slip the wrappers off the skeins. Place the winder upright on the dividing walls of the container. Attach the cards to the winder, the floss to the card and start winding. When finished secure the floss to the card and most fun of all, place the wound card in color order, light to dark. I do enjoy putting the cards in color order, yes a little compulsion thing going on there but it's manageable ;) I keep the totes in a canvas bag with other cross stitch essentials in the cupboard under my cutting table. My three year old always gushes when I open the cupboard, "oh Mom can I play with your toys too" Yes this cupboard has "Mom's toys" in it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures and are inspired to sort your embroidery floss stash. Don't forget to write the color number on each card before you add the wrappers to the garbage pile, it takes the guess work out of what color it is exactly. Let me know your storage tricks and tips or your applique/embroidery story I can send you a coupon code for discounts on your next download from The Pattern Place. Happy Quilting