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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Pattern Place has a new look

Well, with some toil and a little struggle the renovations to
The Pattern Place web presence are complete, mostly. We are still working a few little bugs out - so if you see any please let me know :) I am now re-focused and excited about new patterns and maybe some new pattern example projects, we will have to see.
I have been invited to join a wonderful quilting group and I am absolutely loving it. It is a real joy to be with other quilters and breathe in their energy and creativity. Thank you ladies, I look forward to the next few months and some great afternoons.
My three year old and I decided that we need a St. Patrick's Day decoration for our house. Love that. So, if the day goes as planned she and I will have a shamrock banner to show for our efforts. So fun. No pictures yet but maybe tomorrow?
Happy Quilting

We had such a great day making our shamrock banner, follow the link to see a picture of it nearly finished. We added and green 3" border and tried a new to me binding/backing technique. It all worked out quite well. Love you big girl.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thread Storage for Applique Quilting

Ahh I love good gadgets, ones that keep me slightly organized are especially good. So my latest treasures are the Bobbin Mates from EZ quilting. Love them. I like to keep the bobbin and thread close together, just in case I need to know where they both are :) Some projects just have to have the same color in both the top and the bottom and so with these nifty little things I can still store my thread and keep their 'mate' at hand. I am patiently researching the perfect thread holder still but soon my collection will require its own storage solution. So much fun.

The sewing room received a good clean and sort, even purged a few things! So I had to take a picture -it won't look this way for long. New patterns are on their way from The Pattern Place and I am in the mood for a quilt just for me, crazy I know. We hope that Spring is in the air at your house like it is at ours, Happy Quilting.