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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December and Applique Ornaments

Well, its here!! I am almost as excited for Christmas this year as my 3 year old is, almost. I am so looking forward to good friends, food and fun!! We are trying to be ready before the crush of crowds begin to lets say take away from your Christmas spirit, wish me luck as I wish the same for you!!

The studio has been a busy place lately and we are getting close to having our projects finished, on time even. This latest pattern more or less made itself, so nice when this happens. Gingerbread Family Applique Pattern is now up and ready for quick and easy download direct from our website, The Pattern Place.
I was inspired by a good friend and my box of ornament exchange ornaments to create this pattern. I love versatile designs, they literally lend themselves to sooooo many fun projects. Embellish these little guys, or girls to fit a specific theme or color. The sky is the limit.
Leave a comment, send me an email or visit us on Facebook and let me know your ideas, I have coupons that would make this a free download from the website for all those I hear from. A Christmas gift for this magical time of the year. Then when you have your project finished, send me a picture and we will post them to the website. I love show and tell and to give away more coupons. Happy Quilting.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Grandmother's Flower Garden Fun

The only thing I love more than applique quilting is teaching new quilters different applique techniques. I had a wonderful opportunity to teach a wonderful group of ladies an intro Grandmother's Flower Garden project. We appliqued a single flower to a simple quilt sandwich. One day I will put mine in the frame I have yet to stain, so many projects.

It is such a compliment to have someone send photos of their projects. Thanks Lisa for these great pictures and for being such a great mom to your children and bus kids.Quilting @ the Provincial Semi Finals, Yes this is my RED hair I wear it and CHEER LOUD!!!
Making Grandmothers flowers, out of my Grandmas old clothes.
Quilting on the bus. (not while I'm driving!!!!)
Showing off some of my flowers! I get 1 1/2 done a day, only do it on the bus,
or I wouldn't get anything done!!!!!!!!!

So I am thrilled to share my love for creating future treasures with those around me, I am so blessed. I am looking forward to the beginning of December and a girls trip to Las Vegas. A little shopping and little seeing the sites and a few quilt stores if I am lucky. I plan to bring along my own Grandmother's Flower Garden, this beautiful quilt is becoming quite the world traveler. Of course I will post pictures when I get home. Life is good, Happy Quilting

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall Fun and Machine Quilting

How the time flies, three weeks out of commission with a nasty cold makes a month go by faster, I guess. Our colds are just about gone and so here I am back at my computer.

We had two of the cutest trick-or-treaters, a Panda and a Skunk. Our oldest collected some candy this year, it was very entertaining and lots of fun.

Between the nose blowing and the apple juice I was able to get some projects finished. My Joy to the World by Nancy Halverson quilting group project is DONE, awaiting quilting and binding. I am very excited to see the other ladies complete their projects.

I was also able to complete the top of a special project, we'll talk about that later.

So now we have my quilting frame up and an old friend being worked on. I have a little rule about quilting a pieced top from the "archives" before quilting a new project. It helps to get as much practice as possible and to have some quilts to show for all my time spent at the machine. This is I think, the third quilt I ever made. It's a machine pieced drunkard's path, crazy for a newbie - I don't suggest it. I was inexperienced when selecting my fabrics so ya, not my favorite but a great tea party blanket for my girls.

I love to quilt my own quilts, its so much fun. I get overly frustrated at times but at the end of it all it's a great way to spend an afternoon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The whole family has a cold

Things have been a little sneezey, coughy and crazy around our house this week. Usually either mom or dad can stay out of the germy mix but not this time. We are going through the detailed disinfecting of our house and all hope to be better by next week! There are some great new opportunities and quilts to talk about and pictures to come, next week ;) For now I am off to blow my nose and wash, wash, wash my hands!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall leaves and Quilting Fun

TN Cowboy web
Originally uploaded by Darcy-thepatternplace
The leaves are turning and the air is crisp again. Its quite fun to notice the subtle beauty and not so subtle changes in our neighborhood. Crunchy sounds as you walk on the sidewalk, my little girl having a melt down because she can't wear shorts under her princess dress ;) aah, all the signs of fall.

Well here is a picture of the latest quilt, from genesis to binding and with lots of help from Grammy along the way. It was a gift to our Tennessee Cowboy, so, yep, that's it's new name. Here is Tennessee Cowboy.

Admittedly I spend a minute or two on line, a few groups here, a few more things there. In my travels I happen upon some really great web sites. My new favorite is a wonderful example of great quilting information, from beautiful panto patterns - to download, by the way :), to a very informative and interesting blog, with tips, techniques, tons of pictures and even video. A free pattern every now and again and I am sold. Take a look while on your internet travels.

Feel free to suggests some of your favorite quilting sites and or blogs, we would love to hear from you.
Happy Quilting

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Halloween Applique Banner

Well it has been a very long time, but here is a new pattern from The Pattern Place. We love Halloween and this project makes a great addition to our holiday decorations, we hope for yours as well. The example is shown using wool and wool felt. The banner measures 9.5" wide by 32" tall. Each box is approximately 5" square. The appliques are sewn by hand with embroidery floss.

We welcome your feedback and comments.

Must sleep... :) Happy Quilting

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Machine Quilting and Happy Birthday

Well tomorrow is a busy day in our house. Our oldest daughter turns a great big, huge, 3 years old. She is a ray of sunshine and a storm of emotions as all toddlers/preschoolers should be, I thankfully cherish the days when that doesn't happen all at one time ;) Big kisses little girl.

I have had some very productive hours at my machine and more recently with my quilting frame and now have some personal projects finished and quilted. I love to see the 'to be quilted' pile shrinking and the 'just needs binding' pile growing. I must remember to take some pictures during this process, usually it's the middle of the night and or I am just so excited to get something done I simply forget. I will of course post some pictures of the finished product here and when I get the patterns up on The Pattern Place website.

Well in endless pursuit of all things quilting within the vastness of the internet I have come across a wonderful new magazine and quilt designer. Quilter's Connection is a new quarterly Canadian Quilting Publication that looks GREAT. I am still trying to track down my copy of the first issue but the website is very nice and complete. I knew I was in love when I saw the applique project on the front cover. It is a wonderful and sophisticated example of modern applique quilting and so I went on a search for more details. The designer is a fellow Canadian and stay at home mom, Laurraine Yuyama of Patchwork Pottery. Her designs are beautiful and so delicious. I am so encouraged and inspired by the direction quilting is taking here at home.

Very exciting, congratulations to all. I am determined to get my copy this week. Thank goodness for the internet, I wouldn't have known what fun I was missing out on otherwise ;) Happy Quilting

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Storage and Organization for Embroidery Floss used to Applique.

Well I am up late tonight but I am almost finished a great new Applique Halloween Banner. I am stitching the wool appliques with coordinating embroidery floss, so I pulled out my hand dandy storage totes. I love these little guys, they are so cute and make me smile. It was very easy and inexpensive to put all this together. The plastic containers, floss cards and pink winder cost less then $20.00. I begin by writing the DMC number on the card and then slip the wrappers off the skeins. Place the winder upright on the dividing walls of the container. Attach the cards to the winder, the floss to the card and start winding. When finished secure the floss to the card and most fun of all, place the wound card in color order, light to dark. I do enjoy putting the cards in color order, yes a little compulsion thing going on there but it's manageable ;) I keep the totes in a canvas bag with other cross stitch essentials in the cupboard under my cutting table. My three year old always gushes when I open the cupboard, "oh Mom can I play with your toys too" Yes this cupboard has "Mom's toys" in it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pictures and are inspired to sort your embroidery floss stash. Don't forget to write the color number on each card before you add the wrappers to the garbage pile, it takes the guess work out of what color it is exactly. Let me know your storage tricks and tips or your applique/embroidery story I can send you a coupon code for discounts on your next download from The Pattern Place. Happy Quilting

Friday, August 28, 2009

Appliques, Quilts and the Caribbean Sea

August has been one of the most exciting months in a long time!!

My children are growing and growing and we are enjoying every minute of it. One and almost three makes for busy days but quiet nights, it is very fun. We are looking forward to the nearly compulsory three year old princess themed birthday party ;) I am very excited to try another fondant birthday cake, sister's turned out quite well back in July. The Ladybug was made from a bowl cake and a cupcake for the head. The pipe cleaners made for a wonderful set of antennae. The grass was so easy and made the whole cake come together. I didn't write on the top until just before we cut it, I was a little busy and forgot to get a picture :) Emilee loved it and it tasted yummy too!

The quilting part of my life is moving forward and I am so excited, there are lots of new patterns and projects swimming around in my head and some are actually making it out and into patterns. I have found a quilting buddy to help me get some projects completed and tested so I look forward to the next few months. The web site will be changing and I can't wait to let you see the latest creations from The Pattern Place. The last few days have been just a whirlwind for many reasons but it looks as if I will be creating a pattern for a magazine publication !! I am very excited and of course will give more details as things move further along :)

Personally, things have been so good they are reaching the surreal, hubby and I were able to go on vacation together as the girls went on vacation to Grammy's house. We spent a week in Negril, Jamaica and it was fabulous. The water is so clear and warm, the sun was hot and the time to relax was well, relaxing! We stayed in a great resort on the west end and enjoyed the option to visit a sister property right on the beach. I was able to bring my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and spend a few minutes putting it together. So my cute little blanket is well traveled and closer to finished. It was so fun to sit and stitch under an umbrella with the Caribbean Sea only a few steps away. I enjoyed the puzzled looks from locals and other tourists alike, apparently hand quilting is not that identifiable. It was about 40°C that day so some quick photos with it spread out on my lap was all I could stand, too hot. It came home safe and sound and just a little sandy.

Well there is a ton of work to do, someone needs to unpack those suitcases and get the girls back in our routine. Nevermind the sewing and designing that has to happen. Summer is almost over here in Canada so we are out to enjoy that too :) Happy Quilting

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Applique Quilting Fun

Well things are slowing down just a little around my house, so I thought I would get back to my sewing. The baby has turned one, daddy even had a birthday, so we are full from the cake still. Things have been hectic and uncomfortable at times but we are moving forward.

I have broken my only rule of quilting, again, "don't buy another project until you're finished this one." So yep, I bought the kit for the "Joy to the World" applique quilt by Nancy Halvorsen - LOVE IT!!

I am two blocks away from having her 'Be Attitudes" blanket completed, not that bad I guess. Here are some quick pictures that don't include my toes ;) It needs a press after taking it to quilt group the other day, can't wait to have it COMPLETELY finished. Well enough of my guilty pleasures.

My grandmother's flower garden is coming together and I am looking forward to a hefty road trip in August to get some more put together. But for now here are the results.

I have decided to sew the quilt in strips and then sew the strips together, something about a huge big quilt on my lap in August makes me overheat! Thank you for the comments, I am putting a template basting tutorial on my to do list. I would also love to know how you can reuse your templates when you stitch them to your fabric? The things I didn't know I didn't know :)

Well I am off to sew or rest or clean, not sure it will be the later - Happy Quilting

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Machine Quilting and Flower Garden Fun

So many fun things to talk about. I have been busy and not because I have been doing laundry ;)

Machine quilting is so much fun, especially when your tension is good, your bobbin doesn't run out AND your thread doesn't break. I have several smaller projects completed, a baby quilt for my niece and and few other recipient unknowns. So far they are all panel tops, no pieced projects but I do have an applique quilt to finish before my first nephew comes for a visit. I am still learning to know when and where and how to make the quilting the best I can. I am going to put a few more pantograph patterns together and really figure out the scale of the quilting design. I have had a little thread battle but I think I have that figured out, all in all, all is good.

This week I have been taken completely over by my Grandmother's Flower Garden project. I am hooked, those little flowers can keep me up way past my bedtime. Things are progressing and I love the lay out design, thanks to the internet, I have found. I also found a great tutorial on-line for basting the fabric to the cardboard template. The only thing I do different then in the photos is that I don't pin my template and fabric together, oh and I knot my thread to start and finish. I don't want the basting to come out if I leave it for a while before assembling a block. Okay so I will try to be kind but I just don't understand why you sew your fabric to the cardboard - now you can't use the template again and you have to take out the stitches. So to anyone who has sewn their templates to their fabric, I am sorry and to anyone considering a Grandma's Flower Garden Quilt using an English Paper Piecing method baste your fabric to your templates. Please send me an email if you have any questions :)

My family is great, my little ones are getting bigger. Dad is away this week, so we should get lots of sewing done... we hope.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Archived Free Applique Quilt Patterns

Spring cleaning my website is so much fun. I am cleaning up to make room for some great new patterns. These previously offered for free download or purchased download patterns are now available here for free. We ask that you use these patterns for your own personal use and respect our copy right guidelines, now that that's out of the way, on to the good stuff.

First things, here is the Three Stars and Twinkle Applique Package. This pattern package was very successful as a free download. I would love your comments and feedback on the pattern. Oh and a pictures of your completed project would be wonderful. We will include it in our Design Gallery section of the website. The pattern has been condensed onto one page but I think the scale has been kept the same. If you were one of the many to download this pattern, let me know and I can tweak it again if need be. The instructions are general so if you have any questions or need help feel free to send me an email. This is truly a quick and easy gift or project for your new addition. Trust me I know, the example shown here was finished in the wee hours one night. It was a hot night and I was 32 weeks pregnant with our second daughter. It took about and hour to cut out the stars and stitch the words, not bad really. The frame is a less expensive version of all those possible, a.k.a it came from the dollar store ;) But put it all together and it is very good, so nice you can keep it or give it away.

Alright here is a great flower pattern, originally designed for paper applique on a scrapbook page or for handmade cards. I think it would be very cute in felt on a pillow in a girls room or blanket stitched with cotton in a wall hanging. The ski is the limit so be creative and remember send us a picture of your project so we can share your creativity and I will send you a coupon for your next pattern download. Love me ... Love me not... comes in a single page pattern. It is easy to print or save on your computer for the next time you need a really easy and very cute embellishment.

Well that feels good, these are some great patterns that I hope you will enjoy. Let me know if you are looking for something in particular, I love to make patterns and if you will do the sewing, we all win! I have a few in mind to add to here this summer so check back or stay tuned as it were. Good luck with your own Spring Cleaning, may be I can get some sleep before the girls are awake. Happy Quilting !!

Looking for more free patterns? Go to the top of the page and click the "free patterns" link to our free patterns page. Hope you enjoy. Send us an email with your photo and we will post it to The Pattern Place Gallery.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too many projects and not enough time.

Things at our house are busy as usual, we are enjoying every moment as they happen or trying to at least!

Our Easter was wonderful, we really enjoyed the long weekend with Dad. The bunny made an appearance or two and the girls loved finding eggs with cousin. We ate a wonderful meal and went to bed early, what more can you ask for really?

I have taken some pictures of my Be Attitudes applique blocks, they are so much fun. I have always loved to applique and Nancy Halverson's patterns are especially fun. So beautiful and direct, not complicated or fussy. I love how her patterns are presented, easy to follow and clear. They make me re-check my patterns and aspire to the same standard. I have learned a lot from teaching others the fusible web technique and with my personal practice of late I am feeling the needed improvement with this technique. My sewing machine and I are getting along nicely and I have some real time spent perfecting my applique stitch - love it. So now I just need to finish all the blocks and get it on my quilting frame and get some practice in that department as well, that's what I love about teaching, generally the teacher learns more than the student. Thank you to my quilting group, we might be small but we are learning and sewing. :)

My latest love, other than the Be Attitudes applique, is an English Paper Piecing project. I have a local quilt store that carries the pre-cut hexagons paper templates by Paper Pieces, on the web at They are sew much fun, pun intended. I have two sizes, the 1" and the 1 1/4", that measurement is of one side, not the diameter, keep that in mind when looking, that makes a big difference. Any who, I am slowly getting my color scheme put together and looking forward to hours spent in the car or something like that so I can make a dent. I would like the top to be at least twin so my fabric stash takes a hit and I only 'have' to buy some key fabrics. Ahh the rationalizing, at least my husband has a hobby he spends more money on. Here is a picture of the start, I will post more as things get further along.

I have some really exciting applique patterns in the works, think wild west and babies. There is also a penny rug expansion planned for The Pattern Place. Like I said at the beginning too many projects and not enough time, that and the baby is up from her nap, timing is everything :)
Happy Quilting and send me an email with your thoughts and or suggestions.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time flies

Oooops, I missed posting here last month. Time does fly. Well here's whats new. The girls are growing and growing, we are healthy and looking forward to time spent out of doors - you can do it Spring!!!
The quilting fairy has not come and finished my projects as I slept but I have been very blessed. I was able to purchase a Grace quilting frame for quite a bargain and I am loving it. I have done only one panel top quilt as a first try and it turned out great, I did learn a few things and so I can't wait to get my machine back on the frame. I think I need to find a quilting specific machine to leave on the Grace all the time. I have had quite a machine applique focus lately, I have organized a quilt group that meets each month, we are working on the Nancy Halverson - Be Attitudes, so wonderful, I am working ahead of schedule because I love it. We meet this Thursday, I will take some pictures and post them next week.
Happy quilting, Darcy

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Patterns and Pretty Things

Well January is just about over, we have been very busy having a lot of fun. The people we meet and talk quilts with are I am sure some of the most interesting around. I receive so much joy from introducing quilting to those starting or wanting to start. I love sewing quilts and appliques, I think they are so beautiful. So I hope my enthusiasm rubs off just a little and doesn't rub anyone the wrong way. Thank you to those I have met or spoken to this month and keep those questions coming.

Pattern News: The newest free applique pattern is ready to download! Hearts with Love is available for download and can be found in the free pattern section of The Pattern Place website. We hope your Valentine wishes and projects come true and of course finished for Valentine's day. We are working on several large scale applique patterns, and some seasonal patterns for a quick and easy project. Let us know your thoughts and comments on the patterns we offer. Looking a particular applique pattern, send me an email. I can make custom applique patterns just for you or add them to my current patterns for everyone to enjoy.

I spend a lot of time online, mostly playing and seeking inspiration, instruction and insights. This leads me to a lot of great web sites, some I post links to from my web site (The Pattern Place) and some I just make a mental note of. Silly me, I should post them here, that way we all can see them and frankly I might be able to remember them all a little better. So with out further ado....
visit Quilt Qua, a wonderful quilting resource of all things quilt. From blogs to articles, tips to a photo gallery its a fun place to spend a minute or two.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let it Snow

Happy New Year!!
The holidays are great fun, we really enjoyed spending time with family and friends. We loved eating and staying up too late, watching movies and giving gifts. Sadly it is time to get back to a routine and some resemblance of bedtime, well that part I am looking forward to. So as promised last month here is 'Let it Snow' This is a wonderful and wonderfully easy applique banner made from cotton and wool felt appliques. Start with a solid fabric top, no piecing here, stitch your appliques in place, sandwich with batting and in our case the same fabric for backing. Then some quick machine quilting, I tried a new continuous line pattern, so much fun, some binding and your done. It was really fun to design and put together. We hope you enjoy and let us know if you have any questions and what you think. Happy Quilting, Darcy