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Friday, August 28, 2009

Appliques, Quilts and the Caribbean Sea

August has been one of the most exciting months in a long time!!

My children are growing and growing and we are enjoying every minute of it. One and almost three makes for busy days but quiet nights, it is very fun. We are looking forward to the nearly compulsory three year old princess themed birthday party ;) I am very excited to try another fondant birthday cake, sister's turned out quite well back in July. The Ladybug was made from a bowl cake and a cupcake for the head. The pipe cleaners made for a wonderful set of antennae. The grass was so easy and made the whole cake come together. I didn't write on the top until just before we cut it, I was a little busy and forgot to get a picture :) Emilee loved it and it tasted yummy too!

The quilting part of my life is moving forward and I am so excited, there are lots of new patterns and projects swimming around in my head and some are actually making it out and into patterns. I have found a quilting buddy to help me get some projects completed and tested so I look forward to the next few months. The web site will be changing and I can't wait to let you see the latest creations from The Pattern Place. The last few days have been just a whirlwind for many reasons but it looks as if I will be creating a pattern for a magazine publication !! I am very excited and of course will give more details as things move further along :)

Personally, things have been so good they are reaching the surreal, hubby and I were able to go on vacation together as the girls went on vacation to Grammy's house. We spent a week in Negril, Jamaica and it was fabulous. The water is so clear and warm, the sun was hot and the time to relax was well, relaxing! We stayed in a great resort on the west end and enjoyed the option to visit a sister property right on the beach. I was able to bring my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and spend a few minutes putting it together. So my cute little blanket is well traveled and closer to finished. It was so fun to sit and stitch under an umbrella with the Caribbean Sea only a few steps away. I enjoyed the puzzled looks from locals and other tourists alike, apparently hand quilting is not that identifiable. It was about 40°C that day so some quick photos with it spread out on my lap was all I could stand, too hot. It came home safe and sound and just a little sandy.

Well there is a ton of work to do, someone needs to unpack those suitcases and get the girls back in our routine. Nevermind the sewing and designing that has to happen. Summer is almost over here in Canada so we are out to enjoy that too :) Happy Quilting


Rose Marie said...

This has to be the best shot ever .... love the location and your GMG is wonderful!

Blanket said...
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