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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Applique Quilting Fun

Well things are slowing down just a little around my house, so I thought I would get back to my sewing. The baby has turned one, daddy even had a birthday, so we are full from the cake still. Things have been hectic and uncomfortable at times but we are moving forward.

I have broken my only rule of quilting, again, "don't buy another project until you're finished this one." So yep, I bought the kit for the "Joy to the World" applique quilt by Nancy Halvorsen - LOVE IT!!

I am two blocks away from having her 'Be Attitudes" blanket completed, not that bad I guess. Here are some quick pictures that don't include my toes ;) It needs a press after taking it to quilt group the other day, can't wait to have it COMPLETELY finished. Well enough of my guilty pleasures.

My grandmother's flower garden is coming together and I am looking forward to a hefty road trip in August to get some more put together. But for now here are the results.

I have decided to sew the quilt in strips and then sew the strips together, something about a huge big quilt on my lap in August makes me overheat! Thank you for the comments, I am putting a template basting tutorial on my to do list. I would also love to know how you can reuse your templates when you stitch them to your fabric? The things I didn't know I didn't know :)

Well I am off to sew or rest or clean, not sure it will be the later - Happy Quilting

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yarnahoy said...

Wow, that looks tedious. But i'm sure the results will be fabulous.