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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Late Night Applique Quilting

Well I made the attempt not to write here after midnight for everyone's sake, but apparently I can't make the time to sit down at my computer much before then so sorry all,
wish me luck ;)

Things are busy as normal around here but progress is made in small steps. I am running solo right now and wish single parenthood on no one, its tough. I am getting some quilting house keeping done, that's quilting house keeping, don't worry no real house keeping yet this week. The flash slide show for The Pattern Place website project is now complete, yikes that took a while. The photos need a little tweak and maybe an update or two but for now I am enjoying their beauty. They evenly and continuously run one into another and I didn't shell out a dime for the software, love it. Check out the last photo for a link or here for the free download. It is a great program and worked quite well, tons of layouts to choose from.

I spent some time today on a WIP, its actually from my mom but I told her I would bind it. It is a cute lamb and rabbit, each in their own wall hanging. So Springy, I can't wait to hang them up next year. I must get the princess trimmed and bound, avoiding such a big job is not a good idea. My excuse, it's hot and I only cut such big quilts on my tiled kitchen floor after giving my carpet a haircut last time. Too hot to take a big quilt upstairs and literally sweat over it, is that the sound of a violin? Right so tomorrow morning, before it gets too hot ... while the girls are eating breakfast, liking that idea. Off to bed or maybe a little tv and a more binding, night.

Your thoughts, questions or suggestions.
I love to hear from you.
Happy Quilting

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Applique Quilting Shopping

So I love applique, it is really a sickness. Love it. I think about patterns and projects day and night. So today was, lets say, a prep day - ya that's right, a prep day. Shopping is honestly one of my children favorite things to do, within reason, of course. Apparently we may have pushed the limits today but boy we had fun. I found a quilting magazine, McCall's How to Quilt it!, from the year I was born, it is in great shape for its 32 years of existence. The coolest thing, not a single ad. Just page after page of the greatest quilting 1978 had to offer. Sew fun, pun intended.
Bought some fabric for blankets for my girls today, just regular flannel and some great textured fleece stuff, all I know is it isn't cotton :) I am very excited to get it sewn together, gotta love the quick projects. I must get Princess Patricia bound tomorrow, or Thursday most likely. Busy times around our house. We are scheduling into July, even August for some things. Must get a ballet recital and a 2nd birthday in there too, oh and ya dad is on a business trip. Maybe while he is gone I can get some sewing done? Who knows, must sleep... Happy Quilting.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Princess Patricia gets her Quilting.

The quilt frame is set to queen size, her highness is loaded, I even have five bobbins full of thread so I can easily swap out the empties. Deep breath, shoulders down - here we go....

Forgive me a little rant :)
I love machine quilting, it is an art with a little science. I find the right technique is a groove for which it takes a few minutes to find and stay in but once that happens, all is good. My machine quilting skills are perishable, I loose more than I like in between quilts. Now, if you think the way I do, then all I need to do is quilt more quilts!Then I wish I could step away from the frame once it is ready to go and, you know, sleep. Its a personality flaw I suppose, but all I want to do is the thing I am ready to do. Oh life is rough - I love quilting! Whew got that out of my system.

So the quilting is going well, I am quite proud of myself that I remembered to take a few pictures, enjoy.
Princess Patricia is a machine applique original design from The Pattern Place. The pattern will be available for purchase and download from our on-line store once I have the example quilt finished and photographed. There are just a few more details to finish up; trim the batting and backing, bind and add the label. The whole quilt should be finished in about a week. I look forward to posting pictures and adding the pattern to the website.

I love your comments and thoughts. It makes my day to see someone has commented on my blog so don't be shy, say Hi! Happy Quilting

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Late Night Quilting

It's late, I am tired. I should go to bed but I have a quilt almost loaded. Extending my Grace frame to queen size today wasn't that bad, with my Mom's help :) I am so excited to have our 'princess' quilt nearly finished that I must get it on the frame and ready to quilt tomorrow, or today, depending on how you look at it. I promise to take pictures and post a real post, not like these midnight rambles.
Happy sleeping or quilting, you choose ;)