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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Applique Quilting Shopping

So I love applique, it is really a sickness. Love it. I think about patterns and projects day and night. So today was, lets say, a prep day - ya that's right, a prep day. Shopping is honestly one of my children favorite things to do, within reason, of course. Apparently we may have pushed the limits today but boy we had fun. I found a quilting magazine, McCall's How to Quilt it!, from the year I was born, it is in great shape for its 32 years of existence. The coolest thing, not a single ad. Just page after page of the greatest quilting 1978 had to offer. Sew fun, pun intended.
Bought some fabric for blankets for my girls today, just regular flannel and some great textured fleece stuff, all I know is it isn't cotton :) I am very excited to get it sewn together, gotta love the quick projects. I must get Princess Patricia bound tomorrow, or Thursday most likely. Busy times around our house. We are scheduling into July, even August for some things. Must get a ballet recital and a 2nd birthday in there too, oh and ya dad is on a business trip. Maybe while he is gone I can get some sewing done? Who knows, must sleep... Happy Quilting.

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