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Monday, June 13, 2011

Time to dust off The Pattern Place blog, jeepers its been a while. So in hopes of not completely losing my mind I made the painful decision to suspend most if not all of my quilting business. I closed my on-line pattern store, stopped designing patterns and writing this blog, hardest of all, I stopped quilting entirely. It tooks months to transition from Canada to the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, not sure we will completely finish that process. Life has returned to some kind of normal, just long enough for me to prepare for more change. Baby three and our first son should arrive late July or early Aug and with delivery scheduled for Canada we are off for quite the summer. I have a wonderful studio space and plans to use it even after our little man arrives, we will see. Although I have not been devoting time to The Pattern Place, the quilter inside never stops. Here are a few pics from around the Gulf Coast.

The Dubai sky line is impressive and might have to make it into a new design one day.

The girls in their tent, the floor is a delightful fleece and flannel 'comfy'. Great for watching tv and a last minute addition to the suitcases, thank goodness. At home we would have used a quilt for the floor and a 'comfy' for the tent but here, in our hotel suite, you make do :)

Global Village can be seen from our back yard and yet it took us until two days before it closed for the season to make our first visit, good thing we had so much fun shopping. The buildings, the people and the 'its not like this back home' are among my greatest inspirations.

A local mall offers some amazing sites. The colors and shapes, the contrast of old and new - I could go on and on. Its a wonder for the senses. Time is required and I don't have all that much right now, but slowly and in the years to come .....

Happy Quilting