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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I finished a UFO!!

Some times it is just time to get to those unfinished objects!! This week has been that time for me, the quilt pattern was Sapphire Stars from EZ Quilting, I had purchased the easy eight acrylic ruler and wanted a project to try it out. Well I got right into it, bought some fabric and sat down to make a star quilt and wham the project got the better of me and into the projects to be finished later pile it went. I was a new quilter and never a sewer before that so I think I lacked the sewing skills to set the corners successfully and I set out to make a bed sized quilt - ROOKIE. Well I was going through that 'to be finished later' pile, now housed in a bin in the closet and there it was. I do believe I started the quilt 8 years ago, or more, so now with a little time sat at my machine I was determined to finish it. No problem. First thing, scale back the project. My bed size has turned it self into lap size and should be a special friend to either my two or almost four year old, or both. They love the bright colors and I love that it is finished!! Out of a bin and into the washer last night and ready to be loved this morning, Happy Quilting

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free Applique Quilt Patterns on the Move

A short message to let everyone know that the previously download free patterns from The Pattern Place website are now just a click away in the free patterns section of our blog. We are very excited for some pretty big changes here at The Pattern Place. I am going to stream line our online shopping and offer only our best and complete machine applique quilting patterns. The size of quilts will vary from small wall quilts to some major applique bed quilt projects. So excited, so much time required to finish all my plans. This full time quilter, website designer and oh ya mom and wife thing keeps me busy, but I love it and would not change it for the world. The never ending promise of Princess Patricia's pattern being available soon... took a step closer and here's the proof.

I took a few pictures of it bound, still needs embroidery and the pattern writing to finish itself :) Don't hold my breath.
Happy Quilting