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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I finished a UFO!!

Some times it is just time to get to those unfinished objects!! This week has been that time for me, the quilt pattern was Sapphire Stars from EZ Quilting, I had purchased the easy eight acrylic ruler and wanted a project to try it out. Well I got right into it, bought some fabric and sat down to make a star quilt and wham the project got the better of me and into the projects to be finished later pile it went. I was a new quilter and never a sewer before that so I think I lacked the sewing skills to set the corners successfully and I set out to make a bed sized quilt - ROOKIE. Well I was going through that 'to be finished later' pile, now housed in a bin in the closet and there it was. I do believe I started the quilt 8 years ago, or more, so now with a little time sat at my machine I was determined to finish it. No problem. First thing, scale back the project. My bed size has turned it self into lap size and should be a special friend to either my two or almost four year old, or both. They love the bright colors and I love that it is finished!! Out of a bin and into the washer last night and ready to be loved this morning, Happy Quilting

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