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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quilting in Dubai

Tuesday will be our four week anniversary as residents of Dubai. It has been very fun to carefully get to know this crazy city. We are getting slightly settled, sort of. I made a step toward getting back to 'normal' today, what ever that is of course.

I attended my first Dubai Quilt Guild meetings this morning. They are held at the Arabian Ranches golf course, very nice. It was a great opportunity to meet some fellow quilters and enjoy a good dose of quilting. The quilting styles and projects displayed or discussed were as varied as those attending, which was rather interesting. It has been over four years since I was last a member of a quilt guild and I had forgot about some really great perks. I checked out a great block and pattern book/magazine. I am excited as it saves me from trying to order one online. I couldn't find the magazine from this spring/summer I was looking for but I had fun looking. I did a little more looking at some fabric from the local quilt stores, went through four mini seminars for Christmas decoration ideas and enjoyed wonderful refeshments. It was very lovely . I should have worked on my English and Australian accent before coming though, I can't understand a thing when they get talking fast.

The morning went by quickly and soon it was time to go but I managed a few, quick pictures of those at my table and the guild president conducting the meeting. I am quite excited to contribute and bring my quilts for 'show and tell'. I also can't wait for a new machine and a house, excuse me, villa to house my studio. All things required to really take part.

I am also itching to get back designing. There are so many patterns running through my head it is a challenge to fall sleep some nights. That could also be from the rattling fan in our bedroom but turning off the air conditioning isn't an option, we tried that.

Off to sleep, another busy day planned for tomorrow. We are hopeful for an agreement for a villa we have been searching for and finally found tonight. We know as we seek the Lord's council He will guide and direct us, night all and Happy Quilting