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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall leaves and Quilting Fun

TN Cowboy web
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The leaves are turning and the air is crisp again. Its quite fun to notice the subtle beauty and not so subtle changes in our neighborhood. Crunchy sounds as you walk on the sidewalk, my little girl having a melt down because she can't wear shorts under her princess dress ;) aah, all the signs of fall.

Well here is a picture of the latest quilt, from genesis to binding and with lots of help from Grammy along the way. It was a gift to our Tennessee Cowboy, so, yep, that's it's new name. Here is Tennessee Cowboy.

Admittedly I spend a minute or two on line, a few groups here, a few more things there. In my travels I happen upon some really great web sites. My new favorite is a wonderful example of great quilting information, from beautiful panto patterns - to download, by the way :), to a very informative and interesting blog, with tips, techniques, tons of pictures and even video. A free pattern every now and again and I am sold. Take a look while on your internet travels.

Feel free to suggests some of your favorite quilting sites and or blogs, we would love to hear from you.
Happy Quilting

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