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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Applique Quilting with out any Fabric

There are some really cool things out there in the world wide web and I have had some fun applique quilting with out any fabric tonight.
I have mentioned a few times my love for all things applique, so I will attempt to control my enthusiasm. I really like applique quilting. I could look at pictures of quilts for hours, search for new patterns for days and hide myself away in my studio for weeks or months. So tonight I had a bunch of fun adding me to the Connecting Threads on-line community.

Its fun idea and I am so excited to find an applique techniques group. I am a girl who likes to know what she is doing, so an applique tutorial sounds good to me. Plus you never know what you might learn. ~I have thought of writing about all the mistakes I have made, complete confessions of rookie quilter and not so rookie, unfortunately. I have included a few here in the Quilting Steps section of our website, The Pattern Place. Most just roll around in my head, bringing a smile to my face every time I remember them. ~ Then there are those that make my blood pressure rise or a few not so nice words ... lets just say I am not always smiling. Either way it is a learning experience and I love to learn and quilt! And sleep.
So yes its late, or early if you were up talking to your hubby whilst (He picks up accents so easy.) in jolly old England - dang business trips. Anyways, it's late and I am finally sleepy. Happy Quilting

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