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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home is... applique wall hanging

It took most of the day and a few cartoons for the kiddies but I managed to get a new pattern on The Pattern Place web site today. Home is... happiness and harmony is ready for download along with the first of many mini quilts, Happy Birthday. I am excited to see this idea now in real life, touchable and hanging in the living room of our home. Check out our Facebook page for a photo of the next mini, Gulf Beach. Here is a photo from our trip with which the pattern is based, so pretty.

I was soo tempted to add the palms trees, I just kept thinking "less is more, less is more" anyways. It is next on deck, just need to finish the pattern. I have had quilter's block and I am spending more time at my computer than in front of the sewing machine, it's not that bad I guess. I will try to get it up in the next few days, or nights ;)

So in the never ending Princess Patricia, the binding is on and just needs a few more hours of hand stitching, and on and on.

Opened a great package from my new favorite applique pattern designer, eat cake graphics. Love them so much I ordered two. They are brilliant. More about that later. Bed time, Happy Quilting.


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