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Monday, June 7, 2010

Princess Patricia gets her Quilting.

The quilt frame is set to queen size, her highness is loaded, I even have five bobbins full of thread so I can easily swap out the empties. Deep breath, shoulders down - here we go....

Forgive me a little rant :)
I love machine quilting, it is an art with a little science. I find the right technique is a groove for which it takes a few minutes to find and stay in but once that happens, all is good. My machine quilting skills are perishable, I loose more than I like in between quilts. Now, if you think the way I do, then all I need to do is quilt more quilts!Then I wish I could step away from the frame once it is ready to go and, you know, sleep. Its a personality flaw I suppose, but all I want to do is the thing I am ready to do. Oh life is rough - I love quilting! Whew got that out of my system.

So the quilting is going well, I am quite proud of myself that I remembered to take a few pictures, enjoy.
Princess Patricia is a machine applique original design from The Pattern Place. The pattern will be available for purchase and download from our on-line store once I have the example quilt finished and photographed. There are just a few more details to finish up; trim the batting and backing, bind and add the label. The whole quilt should be finished in about a week. I look forward to posting pictures and adding the pattern to the website.

I love your comments and thoughts. It makes my day to see someone has commented on my blog so don't be shy, say Hi! Happy Quilting

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Actt2 said...

Hi Darcy....

I realize you're no longer running the store....I'm wondering if you ever finished the Princess Patricia pattern? Was it ever made for a dbl/queen sized bed? And is it possible to get a copy of the pattern?

My email address is

Thank you!