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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Machine Quilting and Happy Birthday

Well tomorrow is a busy day in our house. Our oldest daughter turns a great big, huge, 3 years old. She is a ray of sunshine and a storm of emotions as all toddlers/preschoolers should be, I thankfully cherish the days when that doesn't happen all at one time ;) Big kisses little girl.

I have had some very productive hours at my machine and more recently with my quilting frame and now have some personal projects finished and quilted. I love to see the 'to be quilted' pile shrinking and the 'just needs binding' pile growing. I must remember to take some pictures during this process, usually it's the middle of the night and or I am just so excited to get something done I simply forget. I will of course post some pictures of the finished product here and when I get the patterns up on The Pattern Place website.

Well in endless pursuit of all things quilting within the vastness of the internet I have come across a wonderful new magazine and quilt designer. Quilter's Connection is a new quarterly Canadian Quilting Publication that looks GREAT. I am still trying to track down my copy of the first issue but the website is very nice and complete. I knew I was in love when I saw the applique project on the front cover. It is a wonderful and sophisticated example of modern applique quilting and so I went on a search for more details. The designer is a fellow Canadian and stay at home mom, Laurraine Yuyama of Patchwork Pottery. Her designs are beautiful and so delicious. I am so encouraged and inspired by the direction quilting is taking here at home.

Very exciting, congratulations to all. I am determined to get my copy this week. Thank goodness for the internet, I wouldn't have known what fun I was missing out on otherwise ;) Happy Quilting

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Peg said...

The magazine is as wonderful as it looks. I picked it up at the Quilts at Tanglebank Gardens show on Saturday. I'm with you - excited to see a Canadian quilting magazine launched. Hope you get your copy soon.