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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lazy Daisy Project

OK here we go!!! I have taken on some challenges recently, some I create for myself and others come and find me. Learning is such a wonderful experience, this project has been fun and very rewarding.
This pattern is offered for free, click the free patterns button above. Print these patterns onto standard letter computer paper. My appliques were cut from several colors of purple and green felt. I love to trace my patterns using a light box onto a very light weight fusible interfacing, space them comfortably apart so you can cut close to but not on the line, then using a hot iron fuse to the fabric or in this case felt. Let the appliques cool, then cut using the traced lines on the fusible interfacing. Then I arranged the flower and leaf appliques as desired, basted them in place and began thinking about assembly of the pieced border.

The pieced border was where my challenge showed itself and my honesty must come out. I have always followed someone elses pattern when constructing a quilt. I thought that I should author this entire project, so I cut my center block, arranged and basted my appliques before considering the size and how that would affect my border design, rookie mistake I hope.

Knowing now that this project progressed the really hard way from this point on, for me, here are the cutting instructions I should have used.

Cut center block 12.5"x16.5"
Cut border strips 1.5"x 14" cut 18
Cut outer border 3.5"x 20.5" for top/bottom
Cut outer border 3.5"x 22.5" for sides
Cut approximately 110" of 2.5" wide strips to bind wall hanging.
Cut backing and batting approximately 26"x 30"

Stitch three of the 14" strips together six times to yield 6 strip units. Press seams and cut each unit into three 4.5" square blocks, yielding 18 blocks.

Assemble center block and side borders as shown.

Add top and bottom of border as shown.

Add sides and top/bottom of outer border in exactly the same way. I hope future projects, yours and mine can proceed a little smoother. On with my original post :)

I thought the asymmetrical applique design would lend itself to a stitchery component in the upper right hand corner and while wrestling with the border the phrase 'Love grows Here' entered my mind. I do try to listen to the little bits of insight and perspective life hands out and after being quite frustrated and hard on myself I smiled and gave thanks for the lesson taught, love truly grows everywhere. After tracing the pattern Loves grows Here, which is included in the free pattern page above, to my center block with my handy light box and a water soluble pen I stitched the design with brown embroidery floss and made sure all markings were erased. A back stitch truly works the best when stitching lettering, I am no expert but this aspect of the project was very relaxing, worked up quickly and I achieved the desired look with no real problems. In other words it worked and it was fun.

Now this is where I really began to enjoy myself, I love to machine quilt. I dream one day one hours spent machine quilting with an industrial long arm. Reality for now is learning to use my domestic machine and a darning foot. Its not as fancy but it can be done at my kitchen table while my almost two year old naps. After machine quilting the pieced border and quilting in the ditch the seams from center block and outer border I was really starting to like my Lazy Daisy Project. Now that the pieced border is quilted I can stitch the flowers and leaves using a blanket or applique stitch. For this project I wanted to match the thread and felt colors versus a high contrast thread which also produces great results. Feel free to use embroidery floss, there are hundreds of colors. I seperate the six threads and use two in my needle at a time. With the leaves and flowers stitched in place I decided to use felt, my other option was the cotton from the pieced border, for the center of the flowers. Once stitched down we are really close being done.
Next thing I added the binding so I could then trim away the excess backing and batting. Then I started and finished hand stitching the binding in place. All it needs is a label on the back and it is finished.
I hope you enjoy the Lazy Daisy Project or what ever parts of it you choose to use. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. We would love a picture of your completed project, it would be fantastic. We will make sure it is included in the Design Gallery section of The Pattern Place. Take care and Happy Quilting.

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